What makes your home inviting to burglars?

  1. A high front boundary –  making it possible for burglars to enter the boundary unseen 
  2. Low side and rear boundaries – provides easy access 
  3. Accessible wheelie bins – can be used to hide behind or place detonating devices inside them 
  4. No visible intruder alarm – lack of electronic deterrent 
  5. No security lighting – enhances the burglars approach. They do not like to be observed. 
  6. Valuables on display – makes it a quick and easy job for intruders 
  7. Open or unsecured windows – allows free and easy access 
  8. Unsecured garage or shed door – can be entered to access hand tools to enter the premises or commit a personal attack against the occupants 
  9. Unlocked back or side gate – often the quieter elevations of the property that remains unsecure affording easy access 
  10. Paved path or driveway – a gravelled drive  lets you know people are approaching