What security system is best for your business? As a security expert, I am often asked this question. The answer lies in what security goals you have set for your company. If you want to protect only the office space, then maybe an alarm system will suffice. But if you also need protection from theft and vandalism, then a CCTV security camera might be more appropriate. In my experience as a security consultant, CCTV systems are the most effective because they deter potential thieves and vandals before any damage can occur.

CCTV Systems

The most effective security systems have the latest CCTV security camera technology, such as security cameras with night vision and motion detection.

Connected to the internet CCTV system can also be accessed remotely by security professionals or law enforcement. This is a huge security benefit as it enables you to maintain an accurate account of what’s happening in your business.

A CCTV system is not just about the equipment you buy but also how it’s installed and maintained. Most security systems come with an installation warranty & maintenance agreements that will cover any labour costs for a period of up to a minimum of two years on most products.

Intruder Alarm Systems

When choosing an Intruder Alarm System for your business it is important to ensure that you get it installed by a reputable experienced company and that the intruder alarm system is connected to the internet.

The latest systems on the market can also be monitored remotely by a central intruder alarm monitoring company. There is no need to keep worrying about what could go wrong when you can have remote access and feel more secure than ever before.

It is also important to have regular maintenance checks and intruder alarm system test to ensure your intruder alarm is functioning properly.

Door access control

A door access control system is a mechanical and/or electronic device or door lock that restricts entry into an area. It can be used to restrict public entry when there are not enough staff members in the office, for security reasons, or as part of safety measures like fire escape paths.

When choosing a door access control system for your business it is important to consider what door access control system you need, as well as the requirements for installation. The best systems have the following features :

– door access control that can be used for different purposes: door locking, door unlocking or both

– alarms to alert you of intruders

– proximity cards and/or magnetic card readers. Magnetic strip badges are also a popular option as they allow the employee to use the door when away from their desk without needing something in hand.

Choosing the right system

It’s not always easy to know what security system is best for your business. Not all systems are created equal and some may cost more than others, but also offer better protection.

When it comes to the best security system for your business, there are many factors to consider. Of course, you want top-notch products that will keep you and your employees safe, but how much do you need? What features would be worth the investment in time or money? How often does onsite maintenance come into play when considering new hardware purchases?

These questions can seem overwhelming at times. That’s why we have specialists ready to help guide you every step of the way through this process so that all of your needs are met with ease and efficiency.

Contact us if any of these questions ring true for what has been holding you back from making a decision about upgrading your current security system. We’d love to hear