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You want to protect your home or business, but you don’t know where to start.

There are a lot of CCTV installation companies out there, and it can be hard to tell which ones are the best CCTV installers in the North West UK.

Guardhall offers CCTV installation in the North West UK for both commercial and residential properties. We have been installing CCTV for over 30 years and we’re experts at what we do! Our CCTV will help you feel safe while on-premises, as well as provide evidence if anything ever happens.

We specialise in CCTV installation. Whatever your requirements are, our surveyors can suggest the best way to deter criminal activity and stop it from happening on your property. Give us a call or contact us online for more information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with all of the options available to you.

security solutions
security solutions

CCTV Security System Technology that is tailored to you…

From single to multiple camera systems we provide the solution, installation and service, as well as user training when choosing us as your CCTV installation partner.

We work with you to identify your needs and provide the best solution that suits your requirement and your pocket.

Using quality and reliable equipment and qualified CCTV installers you can be assured of a professional approach.

Professional CCTV installation and ongoing support…

To ensure you get the most from your system we can provide a wide range of security services including free consultation on the best deployment for your system and the best technology.

In addition, we offer professional CCTV installation, service and ongoing management of your system. Our expert team integrates the CCTV camera with online software to help you keep an eye on whether you’re on-site or off-site.

It keeps a track of people visiting your premises and provides complete protection. We can also support you with remote monitoring, digital recording and data storage.

security solutions

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door access control systemWe were impressed enough to ask Guardhall to upgrade our CCTV recently. This they did quickly and efficiently with no disruption to our business.

Ian Kirkham, Managing Director, PK Marine

door access control systemGuardhall offers good support and will add to the security system as we want it, such as recently including extra monitoring at the gates.

Facilities Manager, Freight Systems Company

Guardhall CCTV FAQs

What is CCTV For?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, where cameras are connected to a recording and monitoring system for security and safety purposes. CCTV cameras are used to monitor public and private areas to detect criminal, dangerous or other unwanted activity as well as physical threats and damage.

How Do I Know If I Need CCTV?

CCTV helps you protect a business, home or any other private property or premises 24-7, both interior and exterior areas, including entrances, exits and perimeters, storage areas and vehicle parking.

CCTV can work together with an intruder alarm system to provide a high level of protection for you, your staff, family and/or visitors on-site, as well as for your valuables and other assets. External monitoring by Guardhall, backed up by our keyholding service can provide you with peace of mind 24/7.

How Do I Choose The Best Camera For My Needs?

That’s where Guardhall can help. We recommend fixed lens cameras as standard as you will not need to adjust the zoom and focus. We can carry out a free no-obligation site survey, risk assessment and provide a written quotation for your premises to meet your exact needs. All of the external cameras we offer have infrared built-in as standard, so they will work at low light according to the camera model.

What Is A DVR?

CCTV records onto a DVR, Digital Video Recorder, which has one or more hard disks. It connects to external cameras according to the system set up. Our DVR’s can support a number of channels (connections). Several of our NVR’s can also connect to IP cameras over the network.

The maximum distance between a camera and an HD CCTV system is usually around 200m.

Do I need An NVR?
NVR – a Network Video Recorder – records from IP (Internet Protocol) network cameras. An NVR operates in a similar way to a DVR in recording from CCTV cameras, but it specifically supports IP cameras.
Do I need IP Cameras?

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras use an internet-based network connection to store and receive recorded data, as opposed to analogue CCTV which requires a DVR. Internet protocol cameras, also known as network cameras are very popular now and can either be wired to a broadband modem or router via an ethernet cable or used wirelessly by connecting to a Wi-Fi router.

Some IP cameras only record when motion is detected. They store data directly to the cloud or an internal SD card and send notifications to smart devices to alert users of activity. IP cameras are much easier to install, with one cable connecting to the mains power supply.

IP cameras can therefore be quite quickly connected to an alarm or monitoring system so that protection is up and running fast, often in a day. If you have an urgent requirement please let us know. The maximum distance between a camera and IP CCTV system is usually around 100 metres, subject to a number of factors.

How Fast Does My Broadband Have To Be?

When you are viewing remotely, you want to have good upload speeds as you will be streaming footage from the NVR/DVR. We would recommend a minimum of 2MB upload speed for remote viewing.

How can I View My Camera’s From a Computer Or Mobile Phone?

With an App provided by Guardhall, you can connect to any of the installed recorders where there is a network connection. The Apps are available for both Apple and Android devices. There is software too for connection to a PC or Mac.

You can use the app on your mobile device to view live or recorded footage at any time when there is a network connection.

How Many Users Can View the Premises at the Same Time?

We would recommend that no more than a single figure number of users log in on a standard network – the fewer the better. This is because any larger number of viewers at separate locations can make heavy demands on the bandwidth available to the system, with each user streaming all the video film for each camera.

What Happens to My CCTV if There Is a Power Cut?
If there are frequent power cuts in your area, or you require a high level of security 24-7 or at specific times of day, we recommend using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
Does The CCTV Camera Work at Night In The Dark?

Gaurdhall can provide cameras that record using infrared light, which enables good night time recording.

How Long Can CCTV Recordings Be Stored On The System?
This will depend upon the size of the system hard drive and how many cameras are recording data to it. Guardhall can advise on a recorder to meet your needs.
What Happens When The Hard Drive Is Full?
Your SPRO DVR/NVR will overwrite the old data when the hard drive is full. This means the recorder will continuously record the latest footage. We can discuss your needs and advise on the best solution. You can backup the recording through the USB port, which is on the back of the DVR/NVR.
What Is Video Motion Detection?
This is a type of Video Analytics, where the recorder detects that there has been movement and it then automatically makes a recording. You can set the system to record from several seconds before the movement was detected and even to send an email notification when this happens too. Sensitivity settings enable you to adjust how much movement is detected before an action is triggered. Motion detection works through the DVR/NVR when the system detects that the pixels in the image change.