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Access Control

Managing the movement of people

Access Control

Managing the movement of people

Access Control

Managing the movement of people

Today’s business environments…

It is important for many organisations to manage the movement of people across different types of environment to safeguard your staff and protect your premises and assets.

Guardhall provides access control systems to manage these areas together with visitor management systems.

Helping you achieve best performance…


Whether you need to restrict access to sensitive areas within the workplace, regulate the flow of people across a site or manage the safe movement of a crowd in a public place, we can help you to get the best performance out of your access control and visitor management solutions.

Offering a fully integrated service…

As access control systems have become increasingly sophisticated, we commissioned the installation of fully integrated solutions across a wide variety of premises.

Once we have designed and installed your new access control system, we offer comprehensive support and remote management services so that you can realise the full benefits of your new system. As a result, you’ll find it easier to manage the movement of people and assets across your organisation without compromising security.

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We were impressed enough to ask Guardhall to upgrade our CCTV recently. This they did quickly and efficiently with no disruption to our business.

Ian Kirkham, Managing Director, PK Marine

Guardhall offers good support and will add to the system as we want it, such as recently including extra monitoring at the gates.

Facilities Manager, Freight Systems Company