Intruder alarms are an expensive luxury:

Wrong: Guardhall Ltd can install a fully NSI NACOSS GOLD accredited system for less than you think with prices starting from £600.

An intruder alarm bell on the front of my house/business makes me a target:

Wrong: Some people think if you have an intruder alarm you must have something valuable worth protecting. The reality is that the vast majority of alarms, particularly in a domestic setting are protecting every day items such as TV’s and other electronic items etc. Statistics show that a premises with an intruder alarm system is 4 times less likely to suffer a break in than those without. Of course if you do have any particularly valuable items in your house we can take this into account on the survey and install a system to increase the protection for these.

An intruder can just cut alarm cables and disable the system in seconds:

Wrong: Wired alarm systems have tamper circuits within the wiring that will cause an immediate activation if cut. We can install wireless systems that have no wires to cut, that also have the advantage of being less disruptive to existing decoration etc. If wires are cut to the outside bell these have internal batteries that allow the bell to continue to sound even if cut. The bells also have anti foam architecture so can’t be silenced with spray foam. If communication lines are cut to the monitoring station we can install alarms that use the mobile phone network to send signals, so again, there are no wires to cut.

I don’t need an intruder alarm, I have insurance:

Wrong: Although some items can be replaced, we all have sentimental items that although may have some intrinsic value are priceless to us. Also the violation that is felt after your property has been the target of an intruder cannot be underestimated. Most of us now have our lives on electronic items and the loss of these can mean loss of photos, videos, bank details etc. Comprehensive insurance and an intruder alarm system are very much complimentary items and the insurance companies have long acknowledged this by often offering discounts for premises that have accredited intruder alarms installed.

Alarm monitoring is expensive:

Wrong: We offer intruder alarm monitoring from around £2 per week. We can also install systems that notify a smartphone app if you do not require monitoring by a 24 hour CAT 2 intruder alarm monitoring station. We would however always recommend monitoring by an accredited monitoring station as the alarm signals are only as good as the response to them and if your mobile phone has not signal you will not receive an app notification.

Burglars wouldn’t be interested in my home/business:

Wrong: As most intruders are opportunists and target homes at random (tending to avoid those with a visible security system) any premises can be a target. We are in the business of making your premises a no-go zone for thieves.

Intruder alarms must be installed by a professional:

Possibly BUT: We all know we can service our own car, fix our own washing machine, or reroof our own house. However just because we possibly can do all of these things, would you be confident driving your car after fixing the brakes after watching a Youtube video, confident that your newly bodged washing machine wont flood the house or depend on an old cycling helmet to protect your noggin if you fall of you newly (badly) tiled roof. Leave the installation and monitoring to our professionally accredited team safe in the knowledge that if and when your alarm NEEDS to work it will.